Happy Little Story

The genesis of the brand can be traced back to 2016. One winter afternoon, the pair of us, bored out of our skulls in our media jobs, sat sipping chai at a laid back café in Bandra, reminiscing our recent holiday in South Africa and the “cutsie” stores by the bay selling stunningly designed products.

Believe it or not, within the hour, one of us had the partial business plan and designs chalked out in the head and the other had happylittlestore.in domain purchased and ready to go live!

That snowballed quickly, didn’t it?

In 2018, after two years of bad markets, added frustration, decent attempts at savings, procrastination, planet retrogrades, we decided to drop everything and dive right in.

We started out defining the brand, mapping our audiences, chalking out a viable business plan and designing the first range of products; the parts that came naturally and took merely 15 days. Then started the grueling process of finding craftsmen, who would take us seriously, produce “boutique” (small) volumes, understand our aesthetic sense and not quote an amount that would lead to the left side of our brain to malfunction or send shock waves to the rest of our body.

It took hundreds of cold calls, mails and karkhana visits, dozens of handwritten briefs, hundreds of design references, weeks of pleading and dismissing of at least two dozen vendors and restarting the entire process with a new vendor each time one vendor didn’t meet our quality standards or just stopped being interested (vendor ADHD is actually a thing).

The thought of just giving up and getting back to our frustrating but cushy and well paying jobs crept in each day, with each account debit and balance SMS. Six months later, we found our partners and you’re here, reading this.

Trust us, finding a life partner is easier.

While we try to adult our way in the world and find our footing in a new sector, we do whatever is in our control to ensure that our core beliefs -- animal care, equal rights, freedom of speech, environment conservation, religious and spiritual freedom and equality, LGBTQ rights, fair pay and everything else in between -- trickle down to the products and general way of functioning at Happy Little Store.

Happy Little Store is just a beginning of much larger happiness and wellness dream that the two of us see and we’re delighted to have you as part of our journey from the very beginning.

Thank you for being you.

Keep smiling ☺

Shazia and Yoshita.