Frequently Asked Questions

 1.What payment methods do you accept?

 We accept credit/ debit cards. Our payment gateway also allows you to pay via net-banking and mobile wallets. Cash on Delivery option is available for a flat shipping fee of Rs. 150.

2.Is your website secure?

Absolutely. Secure websites use standardized encryption to protect privacy of web transactions. We use the SSL (denoted by a padlock sign on the extreme left of the url window on your browser) protocol on our website.

3. Would I need to pay customs on International shipments?

Yes, The custom clearance of the shipment would entirely depend on the laws of your country. You would need to factor that in while placing your order. You cannot avail a refund on orders that are stuck in customs in your country. If you have special customs related request, please write to us with your order number –

4.How long does it typically take a product to reach me?

Orders in Mumbai will reach you within 3-5 business days. The delivery timeline for other Metros within India is up to 7 working days. Orders from other parts of the country can take up to 10 working days. International shipments can take anywhere between 15 days to 21 days, depending on your country, city.

5.Can I cancel an order?

We’re sorry but to make the shopping and delivery experience seamless, we do not offer cancellations of orders.

6.What if the product is damaged?

If your product is damaged, you can exchange your purchase within 7 days of the product being delivered by sending us an email to with your Order #. Please ensure that the product reaches us intact with all its seals and packaging (labels, tags, boxes).

Please read our return policy to get all the details

7.Can you customize products?

Happy Little Store can custom design and craft your products keeping in mind your brand, occasion, design and aesthetic sense and brand guidelines.

We offer a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces with customized ideas and concepts and a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces with your company branding, if you choose products from our existing range.

Our digital agency background also allows us to come up with unique concepts and ideas and translate them into products to suit your requirements.

8.Can I gift products?

Yes, you can! Look for the send as gift option on checkout.

9.What are the best practices you follow?

We do not use plastic in any of our products or packaging.

We work with natural materials like wood, paper, cloth and metal.

We use vegan leather in place of animal leather in products that require them.

We follow a fair-pay policy.

10.What’s your design inspiration?

Utility. Minimalistic. Vintage. Bright. Subtle. Chic. Contemporary.

Words that best define our style.

11.What are ways in which one can collaborate with you?

We love collaborations and are absolutely open to ideas and conversations. Artists, doodlers, pet-lovers, woodworks, writers, paper magicians, brewers, chefs, yoga ninjas, activists, it doesn’t matter what you do. If you come from the same value system, we are certain we can create something stunning together.

Get in touch with our co-founder

12.What are the benefits of registration?

Regular discount, easy checkout, sneak preview into new collections, sale heads-up, goodies and exclusive member discounts and lots and lots of love and good vibes
We promise we don’t spam; we don’t have the budget for it.

13.When do you go on sale?

Often enough

You can expect our biggest sale of the year on our anniversary in May.

You can also subscribe to our mailers and follow us on Instagram for seasonal discounts.